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Frank Owens Contractors Review: High Standard Environmental Protection

Construction is an industrial activity that provides facilities and infrastructure. Yes, it is beneficial to mankind but detrimental to the environment in some aspects. It produces various environmental problems. Frank Owens Contractors understand and applies the necessary steps to reduce these impacts.


1.Fencing for the protection of vegetation


Perimeter fence is a great way to reduce land disturbance and damage to nearby vegetation during construction. Establishing boundaries will not only protect the vegetation but also your site from unwanted intrusion.


2.Segregation and monitoring of building materials


Sand, cement and other powder building materials must be covered and stored in a place where they will not be swept away into waterways and drainage areas. Moreover, segregate and closely monitor hazardous chemicals to prevent spills and contamination on the site.


3.Presence of an ecologist on the site


Involvement of an ecologist on a project is needed to examine on how the proposed development would affect the plants and animals present on the vicinity.


4.Revegetation on disturbed land areas


One way to prevent uncontrolled water runoff is to replant and rebuild the soil of a disturbed land. Planting grasses or clover helps prevent soil erosion and reduces the inflow of water on streams and drainage systems.


Frank Owens Contractors recognizes that construction operation such as groundworks and site clearing may cause a damaging impact on the environment and therefore ensure that all construction operation are conducted in such a manner as to provide a high standard of environmental protection and awareness.


Source: http://www.frankowenscontracts.co.uk